A day of Haute Couture in Paris

“Dressing is a way of life,” said Yves Saint-Laurent. And it’s even life as an art, one which is learned, of course, in Paris, the capital of haute couture. Come and discover French refinement and the many artisanal talents that give life to the most exceptional creations! A day most assuredly embroidered with dreams…

You’ll start your wonderful day with breakfast facing the House of Dior, which will plunge you immediately into the softly understated and elegant atmosphere of the most authentic Parisian luxury. Are your eyes glittering already? Just have a peep at what comes next: an exclusive visit to a Paris workshop that supplies haute couture houses; during this visit, boot makers, hat makers and embroidery experts will let you in on a few of their secrets. As if this weren’t enough, you’ll continue your visit after lunch in one of the most fashionable private mansions in Paris, where you’ll take a moment to have a bite of a so-stylish burger and digest all this excitement. During the afternoon, the second workshop, which belongs to one of the most promising haute couture suppliers in Paris, will open its doors and adorn your dreams with fabulous feathers and fabrics…This is all we can tell you for now! Don’t wait to discover this unique world made of passion and know-how.


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