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Un sejour inoubliable, organisé autour des emotions pour un parcours de découverte à deux, véritable incitation à tous les péchés...More

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Paris, the city of love


Paris why he inspires both love and romance?
Perhaps because the capital is full of narrow streets and passages of all kinds away from the noise and traffic.
Perhaps because with its magical views, eclectic neighborhoods and eternal lights, the show is ongoing and continues to amaze lovers.
Probably also because the history of the city is full of anecdotes and love the Parisian arts (sculpture, painting ...) are often governed by the sensuality and eroticism.


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A short history of Valentine's Day


The origin of the feast of St. Valentine's Day is not well known. However, it seems that it goes back to antiquity.


Valentine's Day, before Saint, was a Roman priest named Valentine living under the reign of Emperor Claudius II (III S.apr-JC). At that time, Rome was engaged in bloody and unpopular military campaigns. Claudius II, also known as Claudius the Cruel, having difficulty recruiting soldiers to join his legions, decided to prohibit the marriage thinking that the reason why the Romans refused to fight was their commitment to women and their respective homes. Despite the orders of the Emperor, Valentine continued to perform marriages, however. When Claudius II learned of the existence of these secret marriages, he had Valentine imprisoned. It was during his stay in prison Valentine made ​​the acquaintance of the daughter of his jailer, a blind girl who, they say, he gave back sight and sent a letter before being beheaded, signed "Your Valentine "

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