Even if Paris is celebrated as the "City of Lights", it is no less endowed with its share of shadows, secrets and surprising mysteries. Give in to their charm and become for a moment the “man of the masses” described by Baudelaire, the one who is a specialist in “visual gastronomy”…
Just follow the guide!

guided tour passages couverts

Visit to the covered passageways of Paris

The covered passageways of Paris were built at the end of the 18th century to facilitate the life of pedestrians and have made the reputation of Paris throughout Europe… Come and play the dandy on a stroll through these timeless passageways that symbolize the Paris of Balzac and Baudelaire!

guided tour backstage Opera

Go backstage at the Opéra Garnier
Piano, pianissimo... Enter the world where dreams are created and discover one of the most surprising and sumptuous Parisian monuments, which opens its doors for you alone!

Just for you, the Opera will open its doors outside scheduled show times to enable you to fully admire the wealth of its fittings, sculptures, busts and mosaics, as well as the play of colors and lights. You will have an opportunity to visit the backstage area, which is normally closed to the public.

guided tour unusualParis

Paris through a travel of senses :
the mysteries of the perfume told in the most beautiful places of Paris.

Let you charmed by this extraordinary and unforgettable stroll : for several hours, you’ll discover the origines of the Perfume and its development in Paris through the most charming streets of the capital.

Guided tour Gourmet Paris Gourmet promenade through Saint-Germain des Prés
Mayan legend says that cacao was discovered by the gods. Europe discovered it through Hernan Cortés, and chocolate became the symbol of luxury and privilege at the court of Louis XIV.

…Dark, white or milk chocolate: today, this voluptuous treat takes on an infinite number of shapes to charm our taste buds… A delicious reason to discover a Paris neighborhood symbolizing the elegance of French living.
Gourmet Guided tour Gourmet promenade from Nation to Picpus
“Good food and good wine is paradise on earth.” (Henri IV).

The pleasures of eating are rarely celebrated with as much refinement as in France.Elytour will take you on an authentic gourmet stroll through a Paris neighborhood… Soup’s on!

Guided Visite Versailles

Visit of the Versailles Royal Palace and its Gardens
Only half an hour from the French capital discover the magnificent palace of the Sun King Louis XIV and its park with fountains famous in the whole world.

With you expert-guide and fast pass tickets, you will admire the elegant Hall of Mirrors, the King’s and Queen’s Grand Apartments, the Museum of the History of France. The Château de Versailles, seat of power until 1789, has continued to unfurl its splendour over the course of centuries. The visit finishes in splendid gardens designed by Andre le Nôtre.


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