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Séjour Gourmand - 3 day Program

  1st Day   

Enjoy an incredible once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience in Paris, the capital of gourmandise.
You will have an exclusive experience in the kitchen of one of the finest French chef-cuisinier, combined with an ultimate wine-tasting presided by a renowned sommelier, followed by a discovery of the secrets of chocolate and patisserie artisanal delights. 

Upon arrival at the Paris airport, you will receive VIP treatment and be whisked away by a deluxe limousine transfer. Travel in sheer luxury to the charming hotel that Elytour will have selected for you.

After lunch in one of Paris’ trendy new restaurants, your chauffeur will escort you to the old wine cellars of Louis XV’s sommelier, where you will enjoy a private wine-tasting experience.

While admiring the historic vaults, the tasting will transport you to another era and envelope you in the secrets of the finest French wines!
In the evening, a chauffeured car will bring you to Pavillon Ledoyen, the Michelin three-star restaurant and home to one of the world's most celebrated chefs, where you will enjoy an exceptional gastronomic feast.

   2nd Day   

Prepare for an early start on Day Two, an incredible day of French cooking and gourmet shopping with Paule, one of Paris' most remarkable and talented chefs, known for her exceptional expertise and diverse experience in preparing truly fine French meals.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire before your visit to give us some insight on your favorite culinary experiences and food preferences. This will allow us to have a better understanding of your taste profile.

After guiding you through an informational shopping experience of gourmet food for local, seasonal and even artisanal delights, your chef will help you prepare your favourite menu. In the comfort of a private kitchen, you and your guests will enjoy an intense and fun French cooking class, helping you begin to feel like a real chef.

After a hard day's work in the kitchen, it’s time to relax and enjoy the delights of the ville-lumière. Take in the luminous views while dining on one of the most charming yachts on the Seine river, with a delicious menu designed by a star chef-cuisinier.

  3rd Day   

On the last day, your personal chauffeur and tour guide will meet you at the hotel and lead you through the secrets of the finest French artisanal chocolate and patisserie shops . Elytour Paris will tailor this ultimate experience to you and your tastes.
You will leave with a special personalised gourmet box filled with best savours of your gourmand journey in Paris.

  Package Includes:   

â–º VIP escort and transportation from the aircraft door to your hotel in Paris

â–º 2 nights’ accommodation at a Luxury Hotel with breakfast

â–º Elytour wine expert and an exclusive wine tasting in the cellars of Louis XV

â–º Private cooking class with a French Chef-Cuisinier

â–º Guided tour and shopping at the Food Market with chef

â–º Exclusive dinner-cruise on an authentic Parisian Yacht

â–º Personal Guide for a gourmet shopping day

â–º All restaurant reservations

â–º A goody bag of choice gourmandise items

â–º All tours are given in the client’s native language

â–º Private luxury limousine transportation services during your journey




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