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  transfère hélicoptère Monaco   Terrasse VIP circuit   course Monaco 2011

Only few days before starting,

At the beginning, it was called “Sport Vélocipédique de Monaco”, this first edition of Monaco Grand Prix took place in 1890.Over the years, the race evolved, from bicycle to race cars. Nowadays, this event is known all over the world and is to be re-discovered.


We are going to open the exclusive doors of this particular event, in order to make you live the race emotion in a private terrace on the circuit board.

On your arrival at Nice airport, you will enjoy a quick transfer in helicopter all the way to your hotel during which you will be admiring a wonderful view of the French Riviera Cost.

In your sea view room, you are going to relax in the comfort of your luxury hotel, the best place in Monaco to follow the race. The circuit access will be easy thanks to a boat which will bring you directly on the circuit.

The only word of these four days will be ENJOYING the most stunning and exciting experience.

This package includes:
- Transfers in helicopter (on Thursday and Monday)
- Transfers on the boat for all your transfers toward the circuit (On Saturday and Sunday)
- An Executive room with sea view, breakfast included at
- An access to a VIP terrace with a privileged view and a lunch service during the four days.
- A chauffeured Mercedes car Class S at your disposal for Friday

In option, (during the reservation)
- Possibility to reserve a private night in a fashion club
- A car reservation Mercedes for the day you wish.

This offer is viable subject to availability.



















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