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Spring in Paris: a day of fashion, culture, and well-being

A subtle mixture of novelties, trends and tradition, all off the beaten path. Live like a real Parisian!

You will begin the day by having breakfast at the Plaza Athénée on the avenue Montaigne, one of the most fashionable luxury hotels in Paris. Located just across the street from the first Dior store, what better place is there to revel in the history of the birthplace of French haute-couture, while savoring Christophe Michalak’s world-renowned pastries?

Next, skip the line at the museum with our special entry tickets and enjoy a guided visit of a Fashion exhibition. One of the hottest events of the spring season in Paris.

To conclude the morning with flair, we will take you to dine in the private salon of the restaurant where the first act of the “Folle de Chaillot” by Giraudoux is set. Enjoy a gourmet meal with exceptional service in this fine and exquisite atmosphere that has exemplified Parisian decor for decades.

Begin the afternoon by visiting the showroom of the famous Lyon factory, creator of the finest upholstery of France since 1752. Here you will be able to admire the famous flowery fabric that was made for the restoration of the King’s Chamber at Versailles, or the fabric that Sofia Coppola commissioned to decorate the queen’s horse-drawn carriage in the film Marie Antoinette. A refined and elegant locale that mirrors the beautiful traditions it perpetuates.

Next we’ll make our way towards the Faubourg Saint Honoré and continue this lovely spring day in beautiful surroundings at the Guerlain boutique. With a VIP welcome, you will delight in the aromas of this boutique, founded by the first French perfume-maker, which continues to allure Parisians of today..

Next, a visit to the concept store Colette where you’ll be immersed in the trends of today and tomorrow. Here you will understand why Paris will always be Paris, forever at the crossroads of tradition and modernity!

And finally, give in to the delights of springtime and allow yourself a moment of beautifying relaxation at Carita, the classiest beauty spa, created by the Carita sisters in 1945, the first female hairdressers in Paris. In this “haute-couture” of personal care, your skin will be made anew, in the likes of the celebrities and royal families who make up the prestigious clientele of this exception locale since its beginning.



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