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The town of Versailles awakens your senses from April 2013!
After you have made "full view" with the castle whose reputation is second to none, it's your nose that wants to please with Versailles Court of scents.

Did you know?
Versailles is the city of perfume.
At the age and in the absence of lavatories, Versailles was not the cleanest city.
Also, the toilet at the time outlawed the use of water, considered harmful since the plagues of the fourteenth century, and was heavily loaded with lotions and scented products. These were being full with healing powers, like the fragrances of amber or ginger used by the Sun King Louis XIV. Spirit of wine to wash hands, handkerchiefs called'' Venus'' (soaked in flavored water) to clean the face, iris pasta to soften the skin, the range of cosmetics used was incredibly rich and each them was given a specific purpose. Many thnigs explain the prominence taken by the perfume compositions the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is not surprising then that most Louis XIV was nicknamed'' the king'' more redolent of the world, nor the court of France under Louis XV was renamed'''' perfumed court by its European neighbors. To support the development of this new craft, Colbert was also granted to the Corps of Glovers-Perfumers letters patent of the king, who gave them the right to form a corporation.

And that is why, just a few steps from the castle, not far from his front door, the Court of Scents open access, together in one place the rarest fragrances, traditions, know-how and raw materials that make up the world of fragrances.
Several big names in the perfume will go to:
- Guerlain present its history, its heritage, its creations and organize workshops olfactory
- Lenôtre propose a new concept restaurant and shop, based on the complementary flavor / fragrance experience with both olfactory and gastronomic
- Diptych present its atypical fragrances and fragrance ranges for the home,
- La Maison Fabre, the famous luxury Glover, will showcase their creations inspired by the tradition of glovers perfumers.


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